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Selasa, 07 Mei 2013

Malioboro Stuff

Yeayy i just had a jogja trip with all fellow student in UGB
I really enjoy the trip, especially because i can see lunglie every single time haha
And talking about jogja isn't complete if we didn't visit Malioboro street
I love that market damn much. It makes my eyes 'hungry' and my feet can't stop to go from one store to another and of course because it sell cool stuff at low price and negotiable
But i hate it when i know this street make me broke. Ouch..

Here is some unique stuff that i got in malioboro:

Yeaaa finnaly i got that dreamcatcher. I've been waiting to buy it since a long time ago. And dreamcatcher is my main goal to visit malioboro. So, i put this in a top of my ahopping list haha

These things like hipnotize me and make me deeply in love with it. So unique and filled with mystical. I got both dof them with Rp.35000. Pretty cheap right?

I also bought two cool t-shirt from 'gepeng t-shirt'. I really love the design. It looks exclusive and different from other shirt in malioboro. The red shirth with malioboro word is mine. And the blue one is belongs to my brother. But it is very difficult to negotiate both the cool t-shirt. I've been looking for a shirt like that to a whole malioboro but there's nothing like it. So I had to pull out my money and paid them with Rp.70000.

My mom told me to buy her a beach cloth. A little hard to find it in malioboro but finnaly i found it. And i choose a cloth with leopard pattern. The price is quite cheap, only Rp.20000.

And when me and desi, my shopping partner, were busy to find a good stuff. We passed a very cool store, "Trion's store". This store sells a variety of antique items and make me want to buy all the items. Everything in that store are antique. Sculpture, paintings, ornaments, puppets, and many more. All the items are hand made and only sell in that store.

I bought one ornament that made from sclupture. The ornament is describe a traditional side of jogjakarta. There's a woman who wearing kebaya and caping hat that carrying a basket in her back.

And the last, this is my favorite from all. I found this cool photo album in trion's. Love-it-damn-much-for-sure. It's really cool and vintage. Covered with all leaves make it looks like sacred books that is outdated. And i love at the first sight with it. This photo album consist in various size, small-medium-large, but desi told me to buy the small one with frogs in the cover. It's really me.

The inside consists of a paper to put a picture made ​​of old brown paper with ropes made from leaves in all four sides. Cool, right?

I really enjoy shopping in trion's because they sell the items with reasonable price. The ornamet is only Rp.30000 and the cool photo album just only Rp.18000. Imagine, how come??

Besides all the stuff, I also bought jogja food for hand pieces like bakpia, nopia, pastel and many more.

Anyway, I really enjoy this trip. And only one word to describe the trip : AMAZING. I love this city and never get tired to visit jogja again again again again and again.

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