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Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

Friend Tags

Hola!! :D Buenas noches todo. I'm here... Yap as usual i'm still awake in the middle of night hoamm. So i've got nothing to do and suddenly remembered that i got 2 tags from my blogger's friend :D The first tag was from Yohanna and the second was from Jane. They gave me a tag through cbox. Yeah i realize that cbox was so helpful for us as blogger. Well, thankyou for both of you *muchlove* <3 p="">
*Post this rule.
*Write 11 things about yourself.
*Answer the question the tagger set to you.
*Create 11 new questions for those you want to tag.
*Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post.
*You are not allowed to tag back.

11 Things about me:
*I am Christian
*Deeply in love with art
*Love drawing so much
*I'd love to eat. Culinary tour is one of my hobby
*Read much novels but less textbook
*I like to watching horror movies
*I do love my family and buddies
*An animal person
*I'm an idler too -_-
*I love cooking.
*I will be Indonesian Animator someday

Question From Yohanna:
* What's your religion?
- Like i've said before, I am Christian :)
* What musical instruments can you play?
- Piano, Flute, Pianika and Giutar
* Android or Blackberry?
- Android
* Bali or Bandung?
- Ohh i love both <3 font="">
* Do you agree if Fatin Shidqia dan Mikha Angelo in relationship? why?
- Big no! Moreover they have different religions
* Do you like the food of Indonesia? if you like what food?
- Love it so much! Rendang, Gado gado, Rujak, and anythinggggg <3 font="">
* Cheese or chocolate?
- Chocolate
* Are you like bule?
- Oh yes i am :D
* What do you think about "Cakka Nuraga" ?
- He's cute and have a nice voice
* Line, WeChat, or instagram?
- Instagram
* Who is your favorite artist in Indonesian?
- Nikki Frazetta maybe

Question From Jane:
1. Duta Lingkungan or Duta Pariwisata ? Kenapa ?
- Duta Pariwisata. Karena aku suka travelling, apalagi di Indonesia :D
2. Desa nan asri atau kota dengan segala modernisasinya ?
- Desa nan asri
3. Justin Bieber or Greyson Chance ?
- GREYSON CHANCE!!! <3 br="">4. Menurut kamu pacar yang baik itu seperti apa ?
- Yang selalu bisa bikin kita ketawa mungkin :o
5. Are you "The Hunger Games" lovers ?
- mmm i don't know
6. Film-film Indo or West ?
- Dua duanya deh :)
7. Milih pacaran ama Superman or Spiderman ?
- Spiderman kayanya lebik seksi deh hehe
8. Pernah marah sama ortu ?
- Pernah :(
9. Kamu galau kalau ?
- Takut ngecewain seseorang terutama keluarga
10. Hal apa yang paling kamu benci ?
- Diremehin orang lain
11. Menurut kamu kenapa superman bajunya harus merah, biru ? Kenapa gak pink aja gitu -____-
- Ahhh cuco dong jadinya kalo pink cyinn :)

* What's your future goals?
* Who do you want to be?
* Who is your inspiration?
* What things do you want to buy but yet accomplished?
* Friend or Family?
* Education or Hobby?
* Comic or Novel?
* Singer or Actress/Actor?
* What is your favorite day? Why?
* Who do you want to meet now?
* Smart or Dilligent? Why?

I wait for the answer guys! See you soon :)

2 komentar:

  1. no: 2, 3, 5 and 6 di "11 things about me" kamu itu aku banget... lol, apparently we have lots in common...

    anyway, makasi uda di tag.. will do it asap..^^

    1. wow haha kita setipe! My pleasure, I waiting your answer :D


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