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Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

hello 2013!

Wow it's already 2013!
Happy new year everyone!
Ok i know it's so late to say happy new year, but better late than none, isn't it?
I see my last posting and i'm so shocked that it's in 2011
It means that i already leave my awesome blog for ONE YEAR
Oh i miss you so much!
Now i'm in the last year of senior high school, so busy with many tasks and courses
I spend 2012 with so many fantastic memories
I meet so many amazing people
I learn so many great things
I listen so many wonderful song
I still playing with my FEllas
And the important is.. I had change my vision
In the past, i really wants to be an architect, and it's still same until now
But i know that to be an architect is not easy
So i want to be an animator
Yap! I wanna make cool animation like my inspiration : Walt Disney, so that i can make all of ndonesian people proud of me
I want to continue my study in animation school
And work in famous animation studios all over the world hahaha :D

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